Gethin’s Bottled Pembrokeshire Cyder

500ml Gently sparkling medium cyder 6% ABV



Gethin’s Draught Pembrokeshire Cyder

Gethins Barrel Label Sych1Sych – Dry Cyder – 6.5% ABV – A full bodied traditional dry cider.

Hapus Label 1Hapus – Medium Cyder – 6% ABV – Our ‘happy medium’ well balanced cyder.

Gethins Barrel Label Melys1Melys – Sweet Cyder – 5.5% ABV – A crisp, refreshing sweet cider.

Peren Label 4Peren – Medium Perry – 6% ABV – Made from freshly pressed juicy pears.

All draught available in 20 litre ‘bag-in-box’.

We also make small batches of specially crafted cyders and perrys using:

The ‘Champagne’ method to produce a dry, crisp and naturally sparkling product.

The ‘Keeving’ method which produces a naturally sweet, naturally sparkling, full bodied drink similar to those found in Brittany & Normandy.